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Valance  Styles

Basic Box Pleat Valance

Flat, rectangular valance.  Box pleat in center, or every 40-50" spaced evenly over the width of valance.  Box pleats also turn the corners on each end.                *Click Image to Enlarge*


Flat Valance, No Center Pleat

Flat, rectangular valance.  No pleat detail across width of valance  Box pleats turn the corners on each end. 


*Click Image to Enlarge*


Valance with shaped bottom edge

Flat valance with custom shape along bottom edge, and box pleats if necessary to hide seams where valance width exceeds bold width.                            *Click Image to Enlarge*


Relaxed Valance with Pleated Returns

Relaxed shade style valance with fixed folds and center swoop.  Box pleated returns create a nice detail on the outside edges.                                *Click image to Enlarge*

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