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Our Story

We create handcrafted custom home decor, ranging from window coverings to pillows, cushions and bedding.   

Like all good things, Chancery Custom was brought to life organically.


With a yearning to get back behind a sewing machine, and a background in pattern-making and apparel design, Erin Atkinson started taking on small home interior projects as favors for friends in 2012.  Self-taught and eager to learn, she took on project after project—and a pastime soon snowballed into a full-time business. Over the years, Chancery Custom has served hundreds of clients in the Greater Charlotte area and beyond—providing bespoke decor for designers, home-owners and business-owners alike.

Everything crafted by Chancery Custom reflects the fact that a home and its contents, just like its inhabitants, do not fall into the category of "one size fits all."

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